Real Estate Services

At Nichols Land & Investment Company, our comprehensive approach to the acquisition, ownership and disposition of your real estate investments allows us to maximize the success of your financial goals. 

   • Sales & Leasing          • Property Management 
   • Asset Management         • Facilities Management
   • Timberland Management         • Lease Management
   • Development Services          • Financial Accounting, Reporting and Budgeting
   • Construction Management  


   Sales & Leasing

Our Sales and Leasing team members have the expertise and experience to maximize your investment goals across all classes of commercial property.  Our brokerage teams specialize in Agricultural, Timberland, Office, Retail, Industrial, and Special Use. 

• Landlord & Tenant Representation       • Recreational Properties
• Seller & Buyer Representation       • Timberland Properties
• Investment Services       • Agricultural Properties
• Tax-Free Exchanges

Asset Management

Asset management is a partnership based on the client’s specific needs & expectations.  We implement specific programs on an individual basis that allow us to minimize problems and maximize returns.  Our proactive approach & hands on management techniques can be tailored to any need, regardless of the size or number of assets that need managed.  We have an in-house staff of property managers, brokers, developers, registered foresters & accounting staff able to provide comprehensive asset management programs for commercial properties, transitional land and timberland.  Currently, Nichols Land manages over 800,000 square feet of commercial properties & has been managing Georgia timberlands for over 30 years.

Development Services

Nichols Land & Investment Company began developing commercial property in 1989 & continues to develop Retail, Office, Medical & Industrial properties under the leadership of Carl Nichols.  Our development team handles single tenant, multi-tenant & redevelopment projects all across the Southeastern United States.

Construction Management

Construction Management is a core service offered by Nichols Land & Investment Company.  We have seasoned team members that prioritize the goals of our clients & deliver projects on time & on budget.  Our in-house staff ensures proactive attention to design, construction budgeting, & the financial funding for projects.  The construction management team handles projects from minor Tenant renovations to complete redevelopments.

Property Management

Our Property Management Team oversees the day to day operations of a property to include facilities management, lease administration & financial accounting.  Successful property management is crucial for the financial success of an asset & our team manages all income & expenses for a property as well as day-to-day operations, leasing & sales.

Facilities Management

Properties managed by Nichols Land & Investment Company are physically maintained to ensure long-term tenants & top rental rates. Our facilities management team implements the strategy set forth by the property managers & ensures that a small problem today does not become a large one tomorrow.  Successful facilities management ensures the property is always kept in top condition.

Lease Administration

Lease Administration is a vital component to successful property management and oversees the accounting, administrative & legal concerns associated with all leases in a real estate portfolio.  Our staff handles the initial review, accounting, processing, audits, CAM charges & reporting.  Tracking important anniversaries in leases such as expense & rental increases as well as navigating potential legal conflicts between tenants is essential for having a well-managed property with satisfied tenants.


Financial Accounting, Reporting & Budgeting

All accounting of property income, expenses, taxes and insurance is managed by our team. Regular monthly reconciliation of accounts, as well as quarterly and annual reporting, keep our clients informed and up to date on their investments. Our bookkeeping responsibilities for our clients include daily invoice tracking, bill payment, rent deposits and cash management.

Nichols Land & Investment Company goes beyond basic accounting functions to include the monitoring of loan, bank and insurance rates to ensure our clients are continuing to get the best value for their investments. We provide each client’s accountant with accounting records to assist with year-end tax preparation. Historical data of all of our accounting allows our clients to get a quick and accurate view of their investment properties over time.

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